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Revitalisation of Farmsafe Australia

Monday 20th July, 2020


Farmsafe Australia is excited to reveal a modern refresh of our brand during Farm Safety Week 2020.

A refreshed look is the first of many changes that will be occurring over the next three years. We are rebuilding the Farmsafe Australia website to be the go-to place for farm safety information.

Funding to Farmsafe Australia had declined significantly over recent years, and the organisation has only been providing minimal support to the Australian farming community.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, has provided Farmsafe Australia with a lifeline in the form of a three-year National Farm Safety Education Fund grant to revitalise the organisation and ensure that the critical services that Farmsafe Australia provides can be done to the highest standard possible.

“The National Farm Safety Education Fund grant has allowed Farmsafe Australia to employ an Executive Officer who will manage the revitalisation project but will also be responsible for the day to day running of the organisation, which is a significant and extremely positive change for the operational abilities of Farmsafe,” says Chairman Charles Armstrong.
The first phase of the project will see the refreshed brand and a modern and engaging redesigned website become the gateway for the release of a new repository of user-friendly, downloadable toolbox talk resources and an upgraded induction tool that will cross numerous commodities and be able to be used offline. This will ensure that even those properties that struggle with their internet have access to our resources.

Farmsafe’s new Executive Officer will be spending time on farms across Australia, hearing firsthand about current issues and getting the opportunity to listen to farmer’s ideas on what they need to work towards best practice safety processes and systems, on their farms, for their employees and their families.

Farmsafe will also be running its first ever virtual conference in November. Although the decision to switch to the virtual platform was made in response to the current COVID-19 restrictions, it will mean that our conference is more accessible to a wider audience, allowing our farmers to stay on farm while still having access to first class speakers, webinars, forums and virtual exhibitors.

Mr Armstrong is excited about Farmsafe’s future, “Farmsafe Australia is ready to resume its spot as the national voice of farm safety and work alongside state bodies, researchers, universities, medical experts and industry professionals to coordinate and provide safety messaging that is accurate and consistent for Australia’s smallest hobby acreage through to our largest corporate farms.

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