Future Farmers Resource for High Schools

Monday 14th December, 2020

The Future Farmers Resource provides educators and community groups with the information
necessary to promote farm safety education amongst Year 9 & 10 students of agriculture.

Originally developed to support community-based farm safety field-days for high schol students,
the information in this updated version can also be used to support farm safety learning in classroom
or school-farm settings.

The resource contains administrative guidelines, learning modules and support materials, to guide
discussion and learning on a variety of farm safety topics(eg. workshop safety). Modules aim to assist
students to identify and manage some of the main hazards present in the farm workplace.

As with the first edition, the administrative guidelines assist Farm Safety Community Groups and
others to organise and host farm safety field days for high school students.

These guidelines should be seen as flexible and the resources included should be used in a manner
that suits the needs of the host organisation and the target schools and students.

Download the Future Farmers Resource 

Contact Farmsafe on 02 6752 8218 for a CD copy