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Farmsafe Australia urges senior farmers to build a safer legacy for all, and themselves

Friday 23rd July, 2021


Friday 23 July 2021 


Farmsafe Australia urges senior farmers to build a safer legacy for all, and themselves 

With more than 50 per cent of farming fatalities occurring in males 50 years or older, Farmsafe Australia says it is time to re-think our intergenerational farm safety practices, because “she’ll be right” no longer cuts it.   

The facts are clear. While those aged 55 and above have a lifetime of rich farm knowledge, they are the highest risk category on Australia’s farms and the most likely age group to experience injury or fatality, according to the 2020 Safer Farms Report. 

This year’s National Farm Safety week highlights the key safety issues and risks that are most prevalent throughout the life of a farmer. Farmsafe Australia hopes that by providing greater access to information and sparking conversations around farm safety, it will reduce the likelihood of injury, illness and fatalities associated with agricultural production across all generations. 

Growing up on a farm in post-World War Two, this generation has forged Australian agricultural progress for more than 50 years. These farming custodians can further enhance sectoral progress, by implementing risk management best practice on Australian farms, looking after themselves and passing on farm lessons to others.  

Charles Armstrong, Chair at Farmsafe Australia says the same ‘teenage enthusiasm’ is now partnered with knowledge and experience, and many elderly farmers prefer not to hand over the reins just yet. 

“Whether it’s operating heavy machinery or handling large groups of animals in isolation, we want to ensure the experienced, older members of our farming communities keep farm risk as low as possible. Tragically it is this generation most likely to experience injury or death on the farm, which is why Farmsafe Australia is calling on them to take more responsibility in facilitating their own safety, while inspiring future generations of farmers to follow in their footsteps.”’ 

Farmsafe Australia reiterates the importance of more senior farmers making more regular visits to General Practitioners for general check-ups, and more specific eyesight and hearing tests, embedding a ‘safety-first’ culture to ensure greater farm welfare. 

“It is up to our senior farm owners to inspire future generations and reduce the high rate of injuries and fatalities we see in Australia. Senior Australian farmers should also enjoy embracing a new opportunity to pass on their broad knowledge and experience in a mentoring capacity, instead of taking on the more physical farm work themselves.” 

“After years of hard work it’s time to share the load, ensuring safety and wellbeing is a key part  of farming for the future,” Mr Armstrong said.  

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