Farm Safety Week 2022 'Recipe for Averting Disaster'

18th - 24th July

National Farm Safety Week 2022 Recipe for Averting Disaster will focus on a number of intangible risks and hazards such as fatigue, complacency, the blurred line between the home and work environment, labour shortages and the aging workforce, wellbeing and many other issues that combine to make Australian farms one of the most dangerous work environments.

Farmsafe Australia will be running a national campaign to raise awareness of these risks and hazards that will be shared across a number of social media platforms and print media. For access to the Farm Safety Week Media Package, please send an email to ~ the package will be available in early July.

Mid-week, the Safer Farms Report will be released to outline the recent statistical trends in injury and fatality on farm, as well as to unpack how the intangible risks and hazards mentioned above impact on the lives of everyday farmers around Australia. There will also be a section in the report that details the progress on the National Farm Safety Education Fund Strategy following the allocation of a further $1.6M into projects under the Next Generation of Farmers and Industry Endorsed Training and Continued Learning pillars.

A beautiful country cookbook will be released under the theme, celebrating real Australian farmers, their paddock-to-plate stories, traditional family recipes using their farmed produce, and the innovative solutions that they are employing on their farms to address WHS challenges.

Finally, a number of long lunches will be held in paddocks across Australia, hosted by Farmsafe members, to bring together friends and family to celebrate our food and fibre and the most important asset on our farms, our people. If you would like to host a long lunch, a registration link will soon be loaded to allow us to provide you with some assistance in setting up your day.