Tractor and Machinery Safety

Tractor Safety

People working with tractors on the farm are exposed to risk of injury and illness associated with a range of hazards. Tractors and other machinery have been proven to be one of the most deadly pieces of equipment on Australian farms. In the period 1989-1992 there were 87 traumatic deaths associated with tractors (Franklin et al., 2000). In 2016 there were estimated 9 deaths involving tractors and a further 8 causing serious injury. 
Hazards associated with using tractors on Australian farms include:
• Tractor rollover
• Tractor run over
• Tractor power take offs (PTOs)
• Hydraulics
• Ergonomics
• Noise
• Operator skills
The types of injury range from death, serious injury requiring hospitalization and downtime, to “nuisance” injury that stops work for a short time, or makes work slower and reduces productivity.

Grain Auger Safety
Many grain augers used on farms have had the guard over the flight intake removed and not replaced.

Often these have been removed so that the auger can be used for grains that do not flow easily through the narrow mesh of the guard.

There is, on average, 1 death and 16 workers’ compensation claims per year involving grain augers.  There will be many more injuries, as most day-to-day work on farms is done by self employed farmers and their families, and these injuries will not be included in the official workers compensation figures.  It’s likely that there are around 60 serious injuries involving farm augers each year.

Most injuries are crush injury or amputation of fingers, hands, arms and feet caused by limbs being caught in unguarded auger flights.  Effective guarding would prevent these serious injuries.

The guard is designed in two parts, a fixed inner guard and an outer guard that can be removed when the auger is used in silos, grain bins or in a guarded hopper, AND THEN BE EASILY REPLACED. 
This guide provides farmers with practical information to build and retrofit a guard to older grain augers, improving safety of those people handling grain and using grain augers.

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