Quad and Vehicle Safety

Just over three-quarters of agricultural fatalities between 2010 and 2014 involved farm vehicles1. Tractors, other machinery and quad bikes are the leading causes of death.

In 2016 quad bikes accounted for the highest number of deaths and injuries overall. Farmsafe Australia has developed a number of resources to help reduce the risks associated with farm vehicles, including a Quad Safety Guide for farmers.

When farmers are considering using quads for work on farms, Farmsafe encourages the following safety principles:

  • Is the quad the most appropriate vehicle to do the job?  A farm ute or Side-by-Side Vehicle, can carry loads and passengers safely. Alternatively, a tractor or two wheel motorcycle may be more appropriate depending on the task(s) to be undertaken;
  • A suitably tested crush protection device (CPD) should be fitted to the quad bike;
  • Always keep the quad well maintained and tyres correctly inflated according to manufacturers’ recommendations;
  • DO NOT allow riders under 16 years old to operate a quad of any engine size (kids and quads are a fatal mix). Allegedly “child appropriate quads” also kill by crush/asphyxiation and are present in Australian coronial records;
  • DO NOT carry passengers;
  • DO NOT carry or tow loads (including spray tanks and trailers). Loads make an unstable vehicle that is “prone to rollover”2 even more so. This adds to the risk of rollover and fatal crush injuries or asphyxiation; and,
  • When riding a quad always wear a helmet.

More information can be found by downloading and reading the Safety of Quads and Side-by-Side Vehicles on Australian Farms in the Related Documents section.

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1. Safe Work Australia, Work Health and Safety in the Agricultural Industry 2016.