Farmers with Disabilities

In 1996 a study was undertaken to investigate the nature and severity of injuries and illnesses farmers and farm workers were experiencing and the type of rehabilitation services used.  Results from the three year study have been a catalyst in the development of the AgrAbility Australia program of work.  AgrAbility Australia can help farmers with disability in 2 ways:

  1. Creating a forum for farmers with disability to speak with other farmers through the AgrAbility Australia network of injured and disabled farmers and farm workers.  The network assists farmers with disability by linking them with farmers who have suffered severe injury or disabling illness and have returned to farm work, and continue to be productive.

  2. Providing access to information about modifying the farm work environment to accommodate a disability through the AgrAbility Australia Resource Centre.  The AgrAbility Australia Resource Centre provides farmers with disability with access to information about machinery modification and fabrication through an extensive database of assistive technology.

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Working with Farmers with Disabilities

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