Farm Workshop Safety

People working in the farm workshop are exposed to risk of injury and illness associated with a range of hazards.  Up to 20% of farm injuries presenting to hospital Emergency Departments are caused by farm maintenance work.  More than 30% of these are eye injuries and more than 30% are hand

  • Hazards associated with work in the farm workshop include:

  • Poor workshop design and layout

  • Electricity

  • Welding

  • Oxyacetylene welding and cutting

  • Grinding

  • Using power hoists

  • Using power and hand tools

  • Battery charging

  • Tyre changing

The types of injury range from death, serious injury requiring hospitalisation and down time, to “nuisance” injuries that stops work for a short time, or makes work slower and reduces productivity.
Download the Farm Workshop Safety Guide, which has information and practical solutions to improving farm workshop safety.