About the Farmsafe Initiative

Farmsafe Australia is the umbrella entity for agencies that share a common interest in agricultural health and safety. Farmsafe Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that aids in the coordination of efforts to address farm safety issues in Australia. 

The Farmsafe Australia network grew out the establishment of a number of locally based farm safety action groups and state Farmsafe Committees in the late 1980’s.  Local Farm Safety Action Groups continue to be active in a number of states, and are the basis of strong local campaigns aimed at improving farm health and safety in rural communities.

Farmsafe Vision

Productive Australian farms free from health and safety risk

Farmsafe Mission

To lead and coordinate national efforts to enhance the well-being and productivity of Australian Agriculture through improved health and safety awareness and practices


State Farmsafe Agencies

Information about local farm safety action can be sought from the state Farmsafe organisation. 

Farmsafe organisations have been established in the individual states of Australia, under a range of different corporate structures.
Links to these are as follows:
Farmsafe Queensland                                      
Farmsafe NSW                                               
Farmsafe Victoria                                            
Farmsafe South Australia                                  
Safe Farms WA                             
Farmsafe Tasmania